CPTC Material Science

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Nondestructive Testing

The Material Science-Nondestructive Testing program will teach you how to analyze and evaluate the properties of materials or structure without causing damage. Because non-destructive testing does not impair an object's usefulness, it is a valuable process used in fields such as construction, manufacturing, civil engineering and transportation. Nondestructive testing techniques are used to examine structures or vehicles such as aircraft, trains, nuclear reactors, bridges, dams and pipelines.

Students will explore and receive hands-on technical training in blueprint reading, report form writing, codes and specifications, composite fabrication, assembly and repair, metallurgy, the manufacturing process as well as magnetic particle and liquid Penetrant, radiographic testing, ultrasonic and eddy current. Successful graduates are prepared with technical skills for entry level positions such as quality control technicians, NDT technicians, engineering technicians, and NDT equipment representatives.

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