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Creating Opportunities for Washington State's Emerging Workforce
Welcome to the Career Pathways Web Tool

Thank you for your interest in Career Pathways Roadmaps.
This Web Tool is for academic developers only. To view published Career Pathways Roadmaps for Washington, please visit:

What Are Roadmap Drawings?
Career Pathways Roadmaps are visual tools (or drawings) that help Washington students, high school and community college advisors/counselors, to learn about options and opportunities to navigate their own education and career plans and choices. Each Roadmap includes common information elements and follows standards so that all
Roadmaps have a similar look across the Pierce College District.

What Are POST Drawings?
POST stands for Program of Study Templates. POST Drawings is the newest feature of the Web Tool developed to map high school and community college plans of study together.

What is the Web Tool?
The Web Tool is a technical tool to provide "layers" of information (through Roadmap and POST drawings) that students need to know in order to plan their education and career. This information includes: courses, occupations, wages, competencies or skills, certificates, degrees, credentials, articulation agreements, etc.

What You Can Do as a User of the Web Tool!
As a user of the Career Pathways Roadmap Web Tool you will be able to develop, collaborate, track, edit, copy and publish Career Pathways Roadmap and POST drawings to your organization's website.

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by the next business day.

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